URGENT Partnerships NEEDED! (written on August 25, 2016)


Moving camp operations to the new property on Broadford Road.


The need to move the dorms was seen 25 years ago, and a plan was put in place to raise funds called the 1250 Club. The 1250 Club's purpose was to find 1250 people who would give $12.50 annually to build a totally new facility on the current site; however, the flood of 1997 put a halt on the entire project. 

The old property on Oldham Road is now within the designated 100 year flood plain, and flood insurance payments are HIGHER THAN MORTGAGE PAYMENTS on that property! 


Right now. The process began 10 years ago with the purchase of Camp South's property and with wilderness camping. To date we have already gone a long way towards completion of the move- 

  • Planning, architect fees, and fund raising efforts have cost approximately $100,000. 
  • Building the Treehouse Village, lake, zip line, shelter, basketball courts, volleyball court, and a shelter with bathrooms has cost $160,000
  • Road and other infrastructure to date has come at a cost of $20,000

So, all-in-all, the money spent to date on relocation has been in excess of $465,000. 


Overall Plan: To use a phased approach to build 2 cabins, dining hall, multipurpose building, swimming pool, and other facilities the future may deem necessary.

Project Status: Currently in Phase 1, which means the building of a sleeping dormitory. The dormitory is a two-story facility designed to house 48, but expandable to 72 until other arrangements can be made. FOR A 1 MINUTE VIDEO RUN-THROUGH OF THE NEW DORMITORY, CLICK HERE.

The current price of the building has risen to $525,000. We have secured a note for $350,000 at a 4.5% rate for 20 years. For the first 2 years only have to pay interest. We need to bring $175,000 to the table at closing with us. Cash on hand the Trustees have deemed we can currently commit to the project is $60,000.


This is your camp. We exist as an extension of you and other congregations of like faith, where we can collectively do things for our children and adults that we could not do individually. You have been very instrumental and supportive of that role in the past and we hope will continue to be in the future.

We are currently on a fact- finding mission to see where you as a church stand in relation to camp and how / if you will help us achieve this massive move forward.

The decision we will make as Trustees in the next couple of weeks as to how we proceed on this building is directly dependent upon you as a supporting church and to what extent you are willing to help us commit to, and trust God in this endeavor to move.

You as a congregation, and we as Trustees of the Camp will not be in this alone. It is a collective effort and we will share with you (as it happens) the responses we receive from the other congregations.

One church has already set up a matching fund within their membership to give a total of $15,000 toward this project. We tell you that only to show that you would not be alone in any effort you put forth toward this project. We are speaking directly to over 25 other churches in the next 2 weeks, and we can update you as to how they are responding. We hope you can give us a decision that will help us go to those other churches and let them know that there are others willing to help us complete this crucial step at a crucial time in camps relocation. There have been thousands of children learning about our Lord at Camp Northward in the past. We are creating a place where they can continue to do this in the future.

Ready to help out? 

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